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Located in the heart of the Champagne region, we are an online boutique 100% dedicated exclusively to the champagne of winegrowers and great Champagne houses.

We have created Pépites en Champagne to help you discover the true champagnes of artisan winemakers, passionate about their work and proud of their unique and atypical terroir.

We are constantly surveying the Champagne vineyards and tasting our future nuggets with the utmost care.

We want you to discover and appreciate exceptional champagnes thanks to two labels. The first one, "Pépites de Champagne" which symbolizes a surprising selection of the best champagnes guaranteeing you an incomparable quality at a reasonable price, and the second one, a "note" dedicated to neophytes and seasoned gourmets in order to make you taste the greatest vintages of small wine growers and great Champagne houses.

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Champagne Deutz

Emblematic House of Champagne,
we were keen to offer you the jewels
from Maison Deutz on our online store.

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